HP Photosmart Plus B210 Ink Review

Published: 23rd February 2011
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HP's multifunction printers show that Canon does not have a monopoly on elegant devices right now. We especially really like the look of the Photosmart Plus B210, finished mainly in sharp matte black and livened up by a shiny top. The scanner lid's tessellated hexagon design is appealing as well.

HP delivers this specific MFP in a re-usable bag that is most likely too large for normal shopping, however is great for young students or other people who would like to keep it handy for protecting against scrapes in transit. The product comes festooned with blue tape, however removing all of it is a good method to acquaint yourself with its numerous attributes. Typically the Photosmart Plus has got the same main interfaces, memory card slots and also features as the Photosmart Premium C310, however it is missing an automatic duplexer and it has a scaled-down touchscreen.

Besides the tape, this is an uncomplicated device to put together. HP ships the ink cartridges in considerably more minimal packaging than the majority of and they include a card that will help you change them with suitable ones. The machine creates a sequence of fascinating sucking and whirring noises while it prepares to print, providing you with a bit of a diversion as you take a seat through the extremely slow software installer, which failed with our Vista test Computer.

After we commenced the print testing, we found a simple Windows print settings page as opposed to the user-friendly interface we would normally be expecting with an HP device. We uninstalled all of the software, restarted and then re-installed, only to discover exactly the same page. We ended up being equipped to go on with our regular print assessments, nevertheless a far more restricted scan user interface prevented us from evaluating the preview or 150dpi scan speeds as usual.

The Photosmart Plus finished all the print tests within reasonably competitive times, even though at only just shy of 10 minutes, it was slow to produce six postcard-sized photographs. Six direct photo prints ended up being basically over two minutes swifter, yet we found setting the work up via the touchscreen interface frustrating. The controls are usually not so quick to react to touches compared to Lexmark's, plus we found out that a number of actions were overlooked except if we were really purposeful with our prodding. Left unattended complete with a memory card put in prior to when we made an effort to print, the Photosmart Plus commenced a slideshow with no indicator of precisely how to stop it again.

Regrettably, we were not overly pleased with the quality of the MFP's scans, prints or copies. Colour prints on plain paper while using HP Photosmart Plus B210 printer cartridges ended up being one of the best here, plus colour photocopies were relatively good, but the graphics in the mono copy examination were too dark. Abnormally for an HP model, black text wasn't great either. Low-resolution scans were sharp and the test pattern scan revealed fine colour precision along with exceptional maintenance of shading fine detail, however high-resolution photo scans ended up being over processed, providing them with a curious dappled result which we've observed from some other HP scanners.

In the end, however, we were most dissatisfied with photographs which, whether printed through a Personal computer or memory card, were definitely weak. Whilst skin tones in pictures were extremely natural, other photographs uncovered a varied colour accuracy and really poor detail within darker regions, contributed to by means of lacklustre black. The blue sky evaluation, which ought to disclose a steady graduation of blue shades, ended up being mottled at one particular side.

Presented with these problems, we're not able to recommend the B210. If you're able to afford the additional cash, the Epson PX720WD is definitely an all-round better option.

HP Photosmart Plus B210 printer ink cartridges are available here.

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