HP Deskjet F4280 Ink Review

Published: 13th April 2011
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The HP Deskjet F4280 is an inexpensive printer for college students and home users because it does a fairly decent job of printing. Nonetheless, in the event you also desired a scanner that does a top-notch job then this particular all-in-one model is not for you.

The F4280 isn't any different in design and style from a lot of multifunction units available on the market. It's actually a somewhat plain-looking curved rectangle-shaped box in white and grey together with buttons along the top left side. This simplicity of design is likewise passed on to its usage with LEDs as opposed to an LCD on the control panel (exhibiting the print cartridge levels and copy configurations). There is in addition a button for cancelling or resuming print jobs. The scanner is at the top with a durable hinge that secures the lid, but is not adjustable to adjust to books, simply A4-sized sheets. At the front of the printer is a foldout tray designed for both input as well as output, that is slightly flimsy and can quite easily be snapped off in the event you have it hanging off the side of your desk. Thankfully, the F4280 really doesn't use up a whole lot of room, measuring 161.5x437.5x290.4mm, that will fit very nicely on nearly all desks.

There is not a lot to the F4280. A USB cable and also AC adapter are the lone connections - not any Ethernet, memory card slots or even Bluetooth connectivity.

This model is not really made for substantial print jobs since the paper tray holds up to 80 pages together with an out capability of 50, so it's more appropriate for private usage or even students.

Installation was a breeze taking only 20 minutes from getting it out of the box to aligning the print head as well as loading the software. After that just connect the printer employing the available USB cable and it is ready to go.

The F4280's resolution did well with small text as well as fine details in images; nevertheless, with Draft mode, do not anticipate great results. On Normal mode, our very first test page (monochrome text, no graphics) was ejected from the unit in 10 seconds and then carried on at a slow seven pages per minute (ppm). We attained 5ppm with colour complete with graphics (likewise in Normal mode).

With an image resolution of 4,800x1,200dpi, printing text came out with almost laser-like precision - text was legible to the littlest point sizes. Photographs, on the other hand, displayed certain graininess and greyscale prints came out with the slightest hint of yellow, however all up, results ended up being great with respect to an inkjet printer. Regrettably, in Normal mode the ink was slightly moist and therefore prone to smudging.

The F4280 ships with two introductory HP Deskjet F4280 ink cartridges - black and also tri-colour - that only managed around 60 pages of print until the black ran out, so we suggest that you buy ink at the very same time you get this particular printer. The high-yield ink for black and colour only lasts an estimated 600 and 440 pages respectively. This is an entirely good value printer if you do not print often.

It required about 20 seconds to scan and consequently upload a photograph. Pictures which were scanned demonstrated a lot of noise and in addition colours ended up more dark than the real image and whites seemed to possess a yellow touch. In the event that scanning and copying tend to be your primary jobs, we'd recommend you look at some other multifunction.

When compared to other multifunction gadgets as well as printers generally available on the market, the F4280 is a sensible and decent option for those who will mainly be printing text pages and also the infrequent picture.

HP Deskjet F4280 printer ink cartridges are available here.

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