HP Deskjet 5652 Review

Published: 26th October 2010
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The 5652 is HP's most recent top-of-the-line Deskjet offering and yes it packages a great deal underneath the lid. The maker has also incorporated a two-sided printing item! Yet, should you not need this particular feature, the 5652 is actually virtually exactly the same printer as the HP Deskjet 5160, with the second item dropping the additional versatility. Otherwise, we are delighted to say the Deskjet 5652 is a suitable alternative regarding home or SOHO users.

Sporting a design similar to the much older Deskjet 3420, the 5652 retains the same breadbox styling albeit with an infinitely more suitable colour motif. The latter is clad in a more office-oriented black-and-silver finish, dictating the marked market. You won't have issues installing the device upon the majority of desks; it features a quite compact 449 x 425.5 x 145mm body that hits the scales at only 5.9kg. Based upon the needs you have, the two-sided printing accessory is actually removable and installs in the backside. The accessory, however, protrudes a further 55mm from the framework.

At the left, you'll find the "Print Cancel" and also "Print Quality Selector" switches. They are mainly there for the purpose of people that are overzealous in sending out their print jobs. As an alternative to throwing away ink whilst the inkjet completes generating the spooled print job, the former allows quick cancelling to avoid further ink wastage. The latter, conversely, enables you to swap amongst the various qualities should you realize that wrong settings were utilised right after the first page.

Like the majority of inkjets within this class, the Deskjet 5652 is straightforward to setup. The handy quickstart posters in addition to installation CD offer clear setup as well as usage directions. The machine supports Windows 98 and up and also Macintosh OS 8.6 or later. The printed manual is rather skimpy with details and contains a very few troubleshooting ideas. The remaining documentation comes in PDF format, therefore you will need to currently have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. A USB cable is bundled with the machine.

Aside from the device drivers, the software will even setup the "printer assistant" program. This enables owners quick access to printer documentation, troubleshooting support, in addition to links to HP support and also shopping links.

On the hardware side, the HP Deskjet 5652 ink cartridges install within the right side of the body. Aligning them is straightforward. With the paper put in the input tray, the Deskjet 5652 immediately starts off printing as well as calibrating itself! A blue LED and optical sensor located close to the printheads are employed in unison to read the calibration sheet, similar to an optical mouse.

The Deskjet excelled in text printing but afforded us different reactions with respect to photo prints. With regards to speed, it completed our 10-page test in around 65 seconds, making this an outstanding 9.2 ppm. On the other hand, with regard to pictures, this specific Deskjet took 8 minutes for A4-sized borderless outputs.

Within our tests, text output was outstanding, staying extremely clear as well as legible even down to a 2-point font size. With PhotoREt 4 (Photo Resolution Enhancement Technology), pictures were usually highly detailed with clean gradations, though this needed certain fine-tuning on the software side. With the driver's default "HP photography" configurations, the photographs almost always turned out too bright.

The HP Deskjet 5652 is a solid-performing inkjet. Its mostly good speeds as well as print quality add up to one of the superior photo printers about. Furthermore, the notable 5,000 pages/month duty cycle, two-sided printing convenience as well as optionally available networking connectivity ought to help to make this Deskjet a pleasing addition to your home office. Nevertheless, if you are a digital photography buff, it might be in your greatest interest to check out the company's Photosmart range as an alternative.

HP ink cartridges are available here.

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