Canon i-SENSYS LBP3010 Cartridge Review

Published: 08th February 2011
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The i-SENSYS LBP3010 is Canon's entry-level, most reasonably priced laser printer, intended for personal usage at a desktop. Despite the very low asking price, an unusual number of design has been put into the unit, creating a modestly sized unit which will nevertheless work at decent speed.

The model is cased in ice white, with a gloss cover that folds up and right out of the top of the unit to create the output tray. A slender, strip of plastic, full of designer holes, deflects pages while they emerge from the mechanism to make sure they lay flat upon the tray. There is also a single sheet feed for special media upon the cover. Each of those trays will take a wide range of paper sizes, from A5 up to 215mm x 355mm.

There isn't any control panel as such; merely a solitary green indicator to the left of the output tray, that displays power and also data, together with a single button to feed paper. A solitary USB socket at the rear is placed at the rear of a modest, hinged cover, so just the cable will show.

A straightforward driver is supplied, with very little extra software, but Canon still provides support for Windows from 2000 on, OS X from 10.3.9 and also various incarnations of Linux. Very good mixture with respect to such an economical machine.

The integrated drum and toner cartridge slips into the center of the machine through the top, once you have folded the hinged top cover upward and back. Changing it's very fast and simple. There are no optional add-ons designed for this machine.

Canon rates the i-SENSYS LBP3010 at 14ppm, which is a very acceptable speed for this particular class of personal printer. Our five-page text document finished in 29 seconds, rendering a speed of 10.5ppm. Toner-save mode, the nearest the Canon gives to a draft mode, took the identical time, though the five-page text and graphics print was marginally faster, at 26 seconds, or 11.5ppm. The 20-page text document, however, reached 12.1ppm and we can imagine, whenever printing extended documents, the machine could get closer to 14ppm. A 15 x 10cm photograph upon an A4 sheet needed a speedy nine seconds. This might be because of the nearly instant-on fuser, meaning that there's very little time to wait prior to when pages commence to print.

The i-SENSYS LBP3010 produces quite tolerable prints. Black text is heavy, razor-sharp, and also as fine as lasers costing two times the cost. Toner-save print is somewhat dotty, however is still understandable with respect to draft documents. Greyscale graphics are reasonable, though there are several evident dither patterns along with a restricted assortment of greyscales. The business graphics we print as a test piece, that has four distinctive colours to its components, reproduced in just a couple of shades of grey. Our picture test item is without a doubt above average, and there is a reasonable quantity of detail within the hard-to-reproduce dark areas, yet noticeable dithering marred an area of sky in the picture and some details were missing.

There is only a solitary, 1,500-page consumable comprising an integrated Canon i-SENSYS LBP3010 printer toner cartridge. This tends to make it hard to purchase the wrong thing, yet at the same time gives minimal scope for cost savings.

The i-SENSYS LBP3010 is a great little personal laser printer by Canon - just the job for bumping out home office correspondence, school reports or even university dissertations. For not much initial cost, it gives you good quality print in a snugly designed box. It is actually a tad costlier when compared with some to run, however the cost per page depends upon how good a deal you are able to strike for the single consumable.

Canon i-SENSYS LBP3010 printer toner cartridges are available here.

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